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Blade Sharpener by EZESharp
The Australian answer to professional knife sharpening


This one come from the Ausies, it is more versatile than that of its American counterpart the Edge Pro but is also one the worlds finest professional knife sharpeners. It is widely used by the meat packing industry in Australia and Asia. This knife sharpener is fool proof, easy to use, very concise and used with the proper stones will give you razor sharp edges.

This sharpening system is right at home in the kitchen, work/hobby shop or plant and will take the worry out of knife sharpening chores.

Sturdy, accurate, easy to use and durable are some terms that come to mind when using this well thought out system. It clamps rock solid to a bench or table for that worry free operation and lets you use both hands while stoning and honing a precise edge.

Although this professional quality knife sharpener shines in the production shop, it is a natural for the home as well as a first class kitchen knife sharpener.

 The work shop is another world where the versatility of this system comes to light because it can sharpen a variety of tools such as hand planes, chisels, gouges etc. Any craftsman would welcome this handy sharpener in the work shop.

You can use the stones that you might have on hand if they are of the proper sizes but in case you don't, I carry two double sided stones that are right for the job and affordable.

I have made comparisons of this system to the Edge Pro professional system and find that this system is both less expensive and will give you stones that will outlast the Edge Pro stones by many times. The EZESharp system is also a more versatile system as well.


Key Benefits

bulletKnife guide system will sharpen a wide variety of blades, including serrated edges.
bulletRemoves far less metal than electric sharpeners or grinders adding to the life of your knives.
bulletCreates no heat -- will not damage the temper of the steel.
bulletProduces an even and straight edge.
bulletSets up in seconds and clamps solidly to bench.
bulletDouble sided stones can be clamped in stone holder guide and flipped over.
bulletCan be purchased with extra stone holder for using super fine stone.

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