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Edge Pro Apex knife sharpener
Edge Pro Apex Kitchen Knife Sharpeners

Edge Pro Apex Knife Sharpeners

Invented by Ben Dale of Hood River, Oregon, the Edge Pro is one of the finest and easiest to use knife sharpeners on the market today. Truly a professional kitchen knife sharpener of merit.

I have used the Edge Pro kitchen knife sharpeners in my shop for the past several years to sharpen collector knives that I no longer wish to get close to a belt grinder. I find that the edge is remarkably even, consistent and extremely sharp.

I would like to make sure that every one who uses this or any other knife sharpener will get the ultimate edge that the knife will produce, so I am offering free of charge, my book "The Secret World of Sharpening" with the purchase of the Apex Edge Pro kitchen knife sharpeners.


Key Benefits

bulletPatented knife guide system will sharpen any size or shape blade (up to 3.5" wide), including serrated edges.
bulletKnives can be sharpened at exactly the same angle every time or at any angle that you choose.
bulletCustom formulated inexpensive long lasting water stones will not gum up with oil and change at the twist of a knob.
bulletRemoves far less metal than electric sharpeners or grinders adding to the life of your knives.
bulletCreates no heat -- will not damage the temper of the steel.
bulletproduces an even and straight edge.
bulletSets up in seconds on any smooth surface.
bulletCome with convenient carrying case.
bulletComes with two stones medium 220 grit and fine 320 grit.
bulletCan be purchased with three stones 220 grit 320 grit extra fine and 600 grit.
bulletOther options are course 120 grit, and polishing tapes with tape blank.
bulletAlso available is a video tape for those who are more visually orientated.


Description  ID# Price

"The Secret World of Sharpening" short but concise book included with the following systems.

01KS $4.95

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Option #1 Standard Apex $150.00

Included with the Standard Apex Model Knife Sharpeners; Instructional Manual, carrying Case, The Medium 220 Grit and the 320 Fine grit Aluminum Oxide Stone , Wash cloth, Water bottle and book.





Option #2; Special $164.00.

Bronk's 3 stone Combo plus book "The Secret World of Sharpening"  Includes all of the above plus book and a 800 grit stone.

Retail price of standard = $150.00 + $14.00 for stone + $4.95 for book = $168.95


Option #3: The A'Vante Garde; $180.00

With this system, I have expanded on the first special that includes the 220, 320 and 800 grit stones.

I have added a 120 grit stone for faster metal removal for those really dull knives and one polishing tape blank with a packet of 2,000 grit tapes for a truly polished and sharp edge.

Standard + 120G stone + 800G stone +  tape blank + 2000G tapes + book or in monetary terms $150.00 + 14.00 +14.00 + 7.50 + 7.50 + 4.95 = $197.50



Option #4 Apex Complete; For those who want it all I offer the complete system for only $200.00

Standard + 120G stone + 600G stone + 1000G stone + book + ceramic steel + DVD

Or retail pricing of $150.00 + 14.00 +14.00 + 7.50 + 7.50 + 4.95  + 20.00 + 15.00 = $232.95

This system includes; 120, 220, 320, 600 & 1,000 grit stones. Includes the ceramic honing steel, a DVD video, instructional manual and my book the "Secret World of Sharpening". And of course it also includes the wash cloth, water bottle and carry case as do all of the systems.




Replacement stones 120, 220, 320, 600 or 1,000 grit price each   $14.00
Polishing tape blank   $7.50
Polishing tapes, pack of 12, 2,000 grit   $7.50
Ceramic hone   $20.00
Edge Pro Video, DVD or VHS   $15.00

Regarding your Edge Pro Apex order.

The development of the new Xross Bar Lock folding knife series has been very successful and has gotten very good revues so far. However, between developing the new patent pending lock and dealing with the stumbling economy, it has seriously drained my cash flow and has hindered my ability to obtain inventory of the knife sharpeners.

I regret that at this time that I am not able to obtain inventory from Edge Pro and I have referred your order to them. I apologize for the inconvenience and ask you to please contact Edge Pro and make your order directly from them if they have not contacted you yet.

Discontinuing the sale of the Edge Pro has been the toughest thing that I have ever done because it is such a good product and I believe in it so much. And also the hard work and many hours spent in developing the web site and getting it to the top of Google is tough to turn loose of also. Maybe perhaps we can all go to the polls this next election and give all of the rascals in congress the boot that they so much deserve.

 Use the shopping cart for easy purchase of the Apex kitchen knife sharpener with your Visa or Master card, Pay Pal or mail cashiers check/money order to:

Bronk's Knifeworks, Country Village, 23706 7th Ave. SE, Suite B Bothell, WA 98021

Or call (425) 402-3484

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