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About The Company:

Our Mission

 To design, develop and make cutlery that performs as it should for its given field of operation and exceed our customerís expectations.

To provide the highest quality knife sharpening services and offer for purchase the highest quality and easiest to use knife sharpeners found anywhere on Earth.

To the best of my expert ability, disseminate factually correct and pertinent easy to understand information about knife sharpening, and accurate reliable information about quality cutlery and knife sharpeners.

Finding Professional Quality Knife Sharpeners that really work

is a part of my business and I'm always looking for a better method of doing things whether it is making knives or sharpening them.

Hi, I have been making custom knives since 1976 under the name of Bronk's Knifeworks, selling the best knife sharpeners made at the time and also have spent most of that time doing professional sharpening for the hunter, butcher, restaurant trade and knife enthusiast. Although most of my knife sharpening business walks through my front door here in the village, I do offer mail order knife sharpening as well.

When you walk into my shop, you may be surprised to see that it is not just a showroom with glass cases filled with shiny new factory made knives and knife sharpeners. Instead you find various degrees of necessary clutter depending on where you are in the shop and the projects at hand such as the Double L Hoof knife, The Xross-Bar Lock folder and an occasional Damascus Bowie knife etc.

In the office you will find, among the clutter of shipping supplies and computers, a couple of cases with a few hand made knives that I have made and a few high end factory knives that I find worthy and of course my two favorite knife sharpening systems.

As time went on, I found a couple of real serious and easy to use knife sharpening systems that make great sense and passed all the tests with flying colors. If you follow along with me you will discover how to sharpen a knife and do it very well and why these knife sharpeners make the job so easy. I think that you will have to travel far to find an equal to the Edge Pro Apex or the Sharpmaker by EZESharp and here are a few testimonials that arrived out of the blue.

Because I have been selling the Edge Pro for some time now and have just recently acquired the Sharpmaker by EZESharp, all of my testimonials are from the former up to this point but I'm quite sure that this will change soon because I have had much good verbal input so far about the EZESharp system.

Also these past several years I have been involved with manufacturing the "Double L hoof knives" for Delta Horseshoe Co. , developing the Xross-Bar Lock, teaching knife making, hosting seminars on Damascus steel, writing articles and books and creating web sites dedicated to helping folks with their knife sharpening needs by including such things as a how to on knife sharpening.

This site is dedicated to professional sharpening and knife sharpeners so please come on in and take a look around the site and feel free to visit my sister sites as well, and Both of these sister sites have articles on knife sharpening and knife sharpeners.

Please use the link buttons on the left to navigate to knife sharpening products, knife sharpening services or to new developments and articles. Or you can go directly to my shopping cart. to purchase one of the knife sharpeners that I have researched and now offer for sale.

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