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Professional Knife Sharpening

By master knife maker and expert sharpener Lyle Brunckhorst of Bronk's Knifeworks









Guaranty with either of these knife sharpeners is a no brainer as both of the manufacturers, and myself as well, will stand firmly behind their products.


As a knife maker of over 30 years and as a professional knife sharpener for nearly as long, I think that these two systems are quite simply in my opinion, the very best.

 It is also the same expressed opinion of my customers, and the opinion of many others on the web including other knife makers, chefs and other various knife users.

The truth is, I could make more sales and money by selling some inferior gadget with good price points, but I choose not to because I staked my reputation by making the best knife that my ability allows and I will not under any circumstance needlessly sabotage my very own integrity by selling a knife sharpener that would damage a knife that I have made or one of my customer's valued knives.

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