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By master knife maker and expert sharpener Lyle Brunckhorst of Bronk's Knifeworks


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Professional Knife Sharpening Services:

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Over the years I have been doing professional knife sharpening for hunters, fisherman, chefs and many others who value the merits of a keen edge and like to carry or use a sharp knife. Keeping your knives sharp is not only practical but trying to use one that is dull can be frustrating, fatiguing  and dangerous.

There is more to knife sharpening sometimes than just establishing a new edge. In time a knife will become thickened at the edge from much sharpening and should be thinned down to perform better. If your knives are becoming thickened and need to be thinned it can be a daunting chore. It should also be noted here that some knives start out too thick and need to be thinned before use in order to perform well.

Many chef knives are drop forged and the bolster protrudes to the edge creating a low spot on the heel of the blade after some sharpening. This low spot make it difficult to chop entirely through any produce etc. on a cutting board because it will prevent the blades edge to contact the board.

Many kitchen knives and others are sharpened excessively along the flat part of the blade until a swayed edge develops just like the above bolster problem. This results in poor performance as this part of the blade can no longer contact the cutting board.

As you can see professional knife sharpening can be of benefit to your valued cutlery and extend the usefulness and life to them. You can drop the knives by the shop or you can send them to me and I will return them to you better than new.

When I sharpen your knife, I usually grind it in two steps at different angles. The first angle is designed to narrow the blades edge and make it a bit thinner and the second step is to finish at a steeper more durable angle. Because I do it with a belt grinder with some slack and flex, you will not notice the two separate angles as a rule because they blend together. If the knife is unusually edge thick, more drastic measures will have to be taken and the price for thinning will depend on the knife. Call for Quote.

I also will check to see if the blade has some sway and will flatten it out or even give it a little rocker effect.

Bolsters on chef knives always need some work and I usually knock off a little of the bolster at the heel to get it out of the way.

All of this extra work is reflected in the pricing as an average and you benefit from my years of trying to do it right.



In house professional knife sharpening

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Mail service professional knife sharpening

To find out how to send your knives to Bronk's Knifeworks for expert professional knife sharpening.

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