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In house professional knife sharpening

Key Benefits

bulletRazor sharp polished edges with proper edge angle for edge retention.
bulletStraight even edges
bulletAffordable blade thinning
bulletEasy to sharpen after proper edge is established

New Shop Location

After serving the Bothell area for 20 years at Country Village, Bronk's Knife Works has moved to a new location to the North Valley Grange at 19510 Bothell-Everett Hwy, situated right behind Wise Key Shop and between F&F Auto and Tiles for Less.

I will be doing mostly sharpening out of this location and the main knife shop and school will be set up as soon as I can find a suitable place and get the opportunity.

Until the main shop is up and running, I will be spending most of my time here in Bothell however.

My hours or operation are from 10:00 to 5:00 Wednesday through Saturday

Appointments may be possible, please call 425 478-6809 or E mail

Bronk’s Sharpening Service Pricing

Average blade

$7.00 per knife up to 8”, then $1.00 per inch extra for longer blades

Some shops expound on the double bevel ground edge and that basically is what I normally do as standard fare. I first bring up the edge angle and then if needed, I will grind in a shallower angle at the edges heal, for better performance. It is then finished off by polishing with finer grits until razor sharp resulting in an apple seed shaped edge that is strong and long lasting. Some blades will require an actual blade thinning however.

Blade Thinning:

$3.00 per inch or $20.00 for average chef knife

With use and multiple sharpening, a blade becomes thicker at the edge and cuts much less efficiently. Thinning the blade will extend the knife’s usefulness and make cutting chores much easier. It is accomplished by grinding the blade bevel at a very low angle, high up towards the spine of the blade, until the edge is again at the proper blade thickness and then giving the blade a new finish.

Serrated knives

$1.25 per inch. Serrated blades are normally sharpened on the flat side only but will eventually remove the serrations ands leave you with a regular knife. It is impossible to maintain the serrations as different manufacturers use a wide variety of sizes and shapes of serrations.


$7.00 Cleavers can be sharpened for heavy chopping or for fine chopping and are made in different thicknesses to accommodate both tasks.


Some swords were never factory sharpened and may take considerable work to establish an edge and if it is etched with false hammon, the etching may be ground off in order to obtain a proper edge angle. Please inquire for estimate.

Reconditioning the blade

Reconditioning the blade tip by Straightening or regrinding $3.00. Sometimes a blade tip will be bent or broken by dropping the knife to the floor or by using it to pry with. I will attempt to straighten the tip but about 1 in 20 will break in the attempt and then I will simply regrind the blade to a new shape before sharpening.


Cracks and Blade Sway: Level blade & bolster $3.00, Reshape bolster by hollow grinding $5.00

Most knife sharpeners will remove more metal between the bolster and the forward curve of the blade, leaving the cutting edge sway back and off of the cutting board in use. This needs to be addressed in order to use the knife on the cutting board properly.

I also check the blade for cracks, chips and blade sway and regrind the blade and bolster to remove these problems. I further recommend thinning the bolsters by hollow grinding them down to the thickness of the blade edge in order to make clearance for both cutting and re-sharpening.

Fabric shears $7.00 pair.

Knife Edge $10.00

Kitchen shears $6.00

Machetes $15.00

Axe $7.00


Grass loppers and other garden tools sometimes need to be disassembled to be sharpened as well as cleaned and oiled. This makes it difficult to set a price as time can vary to each task. Shop time is set at $50.00 per hour.


Chisels and planner blades are best hollow ground and then hand sharpened and come under shop time.

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